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About Us



My name is Maria and I am the proud creator and owner of GEMMM Soaps. I am a high school teacher and have been in education, in some form, for over 2 decades now. As I turned 40 this year, I realized that half my life has been spent in a classroom and that's not counting the years I spent as a student myself! Although there are many, many aspects of teaching that I still LOVE, I decided it was time for a change.


This store was a birthday present to myself. I was looking for something to do that would allow me autonomy, creativity, and allow me to wake up later (I am not a morning person) and have time for other self care needs.


The concept of GEMMM Soaps came about for a couple of reasons but mostly it's because I love taking baths but I have sensitive skin and a sensitive sense of smell. When I walk in to soap and beauty supply stores and I ask for the least "smelly" products, they look at me with derision or like there is something wrong with me. I tell them that I love the idea of aromatherapy but "too smelly" products or those that leave me scented for the rest of the day, give me a headache or give me sneezing fits. I needed products that had a gentle scent and would be gentle on my over-reactive skin. I have a hard time finding products that fit my criteria, so I decided to make my own.

This is my first year in business but the dream is to one day have a homestead (Mario and Maria Meadows) where we would raise animals and grow produce that will supply us with materials, ingredients, and products that we will use and sell in our store.

I hope you will support and follow us on our journey!

Mario and Maria
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